Launching complimentary support activities for the Student IT Community at Waseda University
Fostering the Next Generation of Highly- skilled IT Engineers

~The free offer to use PlayGround(*), a practical education platform, to the Waseda University’s IT student community, to facilitate technology education~

As part of contribution to society, we are offering to lend our complimentary support to the student IT community at Waseda University. This support includes not only the acquisition of IT skills, but also a curriculum that gives students who have acquired a certain level of skills the opportunity to participate in research and development work, outsourced from companies, to train technical skills through practice, and in the process, refine their skills as members of society.

Our goal is to foster high caliber IT engineers with strong human skills, and thereby improve the quality of scarce IT human resources.

*PlayGround is a platform jointly operated by Shinonome Inc. and ourselves through a business alliance to offer comprehensive support to young IT human professionals.